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Mammography Data Sheet

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Is It High Frequency  

Does It Have Phototiming  

What Is The Age Of The X Ray tube

Does It Have a 18 x 24 Bucky

Does It Have A 24 x 30 Bucky  

If this is a Lorad System, do the buckies have HTC Grids

Does It Have Small And Large Cassette holders

Number Of Compression Paddles

Does It Have A Magnification Stand

Does It Have A Needle Biopsy Guide

Does It Have A Patient ID Printer  

Does It Have A Patient ID Flasher

Does It have a Glass Shield Any Cracks

When Is The System Available For Removal

When Do You Need An Offer By

 Who Is Servicing The System

On A Scale Of 1 To 10, Please Rate The Cosmetic Condition

Do Any Walls Have To be Removed To Get The System De-installed

Is There A Loading Dock At Your Facility

Asking Price

Any Additional Comments Or Accessories

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