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Used CT Scanners at V.I.S. Imaging, Ltd. We specializes in buying and selling Used CT Scanners, Pre owned CT Scanners and Off Lease Used CT scanners. Through our database and dealer network we buy and sell all types of Used CT Scanners, single slice used ct scanners, spiral and multi slice Used CT Scanners are available. We also buy all used ct scanners. If you have a older single slice used ct scanner or a newer multi slice used ct scanner call us today for a quote at 718-6215344 or Email Us and let V.I.S. Imaging, Ltd. be the company that makes your transaction go smoothly.

Turnkey Sales on Used And Reconditioned CT Scanners

Used Cat ScannerAt V.I.S. Imaging, Ltd. we go beyond he sale of used ct scanners. We deliver on the complete process so you can be confident in the outcome. We can have your newly refurbished ct scanner up and running in as little as five business days. All of our turnkey ct scanners will take your project from the start of planning to clinical training. We have trained experts in every field including architecture, construction, equipment selection, financing site planning, installation and applications training.

Rely on our Expertise and Purchasing Power.

You can rest assured that with our experience and expertise in the field of used ct scanners sales that will help you select the right ct scanner to fit your needs. Our experienced engineers conduct on site inspections of all our ct scanners before removal. After the ct scanner is removed it will then undergo an intensive internal inspection of all components, subsystems and software. Any component will be replaced to guarantee that the ct scanner you purchase will meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Warranty and Service

After any of our ct scanners have been installed you can be confident knowing that your ct scanner is covered by our warranty. After the warranty period you can easily take advantage of a wide variety of service plans that best suit your needs and budget and will continue to give you access to the most experienced ct scanners engineers in the industry.

We Want your Used CT Scanners

V.I.S. Imaging, Ltd. wants your used CT Scanners. We are always buying used CT Scanners, pre owned and off lease CT Scanners from hospital, imaging centers, leasing companies and from OEM trade ins. Contact us today at 718-621-5344 or Email Us and let us know what you have. We will let you know the value of the system. When we make an offer we always pay in full before removal and always pay all removal costs. If your system is too old to have a value we will either remove the system at no cost to you or in worst cases we can get you a quote to remove the system. All our de-installers are fully licensed and insured.

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Listing of Used CT Scanners

Listed below is a sampling of some Used CT Scanners we have available, please keep in mind our inventory is constantly changing so some of the used ct scanners listed may no longer be available. It's always best to call us at 718-621-5344 or send us an EMAIL for a current list of used ct scanners or a particular system you are looking for.

G.E. Prospeed used ct scanner, low counts, i style console, MOD
G.E. HSA RP2 used ct scanner, MX165 tube, single console, de-installed
G.E. Hispeed CT/i, used ct scanner, 6.3MHU tube, i style console, available now!
G.E. DX/i used ct scanner, single slice, i style console, 24Kw generator
G.E. FX/i used ct scanner, single slice, i style console, optical disk
G.E. lightspeed QX/i used ct scanner, H1 gantry, 4 slice system
G.E. lightspeed plus used ct scanner, H2 gantry, 4 slice system, de installed

Siemens Somatom Plus 4 used ct scanner, single slice system, de installed
Siemens Somatom Volume Zoom used ct scanner, quad slice system available now!
Siemens Somatom Smile used ct scanner, single slice system, de installed
Siemens Somatom Sensation 4 used ct scanner, quad slice system
Siemens Somatom Sensation 16 used ct scanner, coming soon
Siemens Somatom Sensation 64 used ct scanner, coming soon!
Siemens Emotion 6 used ct scanner, available now
Siemens Emotion 16 used ct scanner, de installed, very low counts


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Please Email Us for a current list or call 718-621-5344 for an immediate responce.


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